How does a Kodiak Security System protect my home or business?

Kodiak Security’s professional technicians will install a state of the art monitored alarm system. The system will be personally designed for your needs, whether it is to protect your entire house or a selected room. Systems typically include a digital keypad (link)located at your entrance way for turning on and off your system. Glass break detectors (link) and motion detectors (link)will be strategically positioned and installed to determine any disturbances on your premises. Contacts will be placed on your basements windows and doors to ensure they remain closed and secure.

All of these security techniques are enhanced by our monitoring station. A LIVE PERSON will contact you if an alarm is set off and will dispatch the police, fire or ambulance if required.

We provide you with Kodiak Security home decals that can be placed on windows and doors. These decals clearly mark your home as being secured by our reputable company.

Likelihood of a home invasion will drastically decrease with a monitored Kodiak Security alarm system. It is simply not easy for a burglar to enter your home or business.

*Additional protection methods are available

Why is Kodiak Security the best choice for my home or business?

Kodiak is a local, family owned and operated company that has been in business for over 30 years. Our goal is to ensure all of our customers have the best value in the security industry. We provide a full warranty on all monitored systems which means we will make certain that the system is 100% while covering all costs of the parts and labor.

Will my insurance company provide a discount if I have a monitored Kodiak alarm system?

Yes. Most insurance companies will provide a significant discount to your home insurance rates. We can provide you with the appropriate documentation for your insurance company. Check with your coverage provider.

VOIP -Voice Over Internet Protocol and Your Alarm System

VOIP is a communication path which uses your internet connection to enable you to place voice calls over internet based networks. Your alarm system is designed to send signals to the monitoring station over an analog phone line. In order for your alarm system to transmit any emergency signals properly over VOIP, the signal must be converted from analog to digital at the VOIP modem then converted back to analog along the phone network. During this process is where problems may develop. It is possible for data to be lost through this conversion process resulting in errors in the signal at the monitoring station or simply not reach the monitoring station at all. Your alarm panel comes equipped with a back up battery to power your alarm system in the event of a power failure. Traditional analog land lines will still work during a power failure and the monitoring station will still receive signals properly. With VOIP your phone service will not operate during a power failure, as both your internet router and VOIP modem rely on a constant power source to operate. This prevents any type of signal transmission from your alarm system to the monitoring station. VOIP services are more prone to “unknown” technical issues and dropped calls. Your alarm panel may be in the process of communicating vital data to the monitoring center when the call is dropped. This will obviously interfere with the communication of the data, or your alarm may communicate data successfully at one time, but will fail at another time for no apparent reason. Some possible explanations of this are fluctuations or low bandwidth from your VOIP provider, inconsistencies with your internet or caller ID blocking which hides your alarm panels’ identity from the monitoring center. Also your VOIP signal quality could possibly be set too low and/or the data package wasn’t turned on. Similar to a conventional land line your VOIP or Cable based phone line can be cut or disabled by a potential intruder. This stops your alarms ability to communicate with the monitoring center. At Kodiak Security Systems Inc. we encourage our VOIP customers to add a cellular back up (GSM) unit to their alarm system. This unit will provide a direct link to the monitoring center in the event the communication path (VOIP, cable based phone or land line) is disabled. We also suggest our customers using VOIP to purchase a UPS (Un-interrupted Power Supply) for your internet router and VOIP modem thus supplying power to both modem, and router during power failures. If you require any further information please feel free to contact us … Add a GSM cellular back up to your monitored Security Alarm System for an additional installation price and monitoring fee. IT’S YOUR SAFETY , CALL TODAY AND SAVE… *Restrictions Apply

How does the monitoring station contact me?

The monitoring station (link) will contact you immediately once an alarm is sounded. A live person will call you by phone using the list of emergency phone numbers you have provided Kodiak Security with. Upon not being able to contact you with the phone numbers provided or not receiving accurate information, the monitoring station will assume that trouble is prevalent and they will subsequently take appropriate action which may include dispatching the police or contacting your next door neighbor. You may also select an option for immediate dispatch of police with no phone call.

Which is better – a wireless system versus a Kodiak System?

We CAN provide a wireless system and in some cases we may recommend it. Our preferred method is for our trained technicians to install the hard wired system. The wireless system consists of changing batteries on a regular basis whereas a more trustworthy hard wired system is more dependable.

Is all of the information I provide Kodiak Security protected and private?

Yes. Kodiak Security will ensure that all information is protected. All private information is securely stored and is only accessible to a limited number of staff members and used for administrative purposes only. Information not required for operation of your system will be destroyed and NOT passed on to other agencies.

What happens if there is a power failure?

If a power failure occurs in your home or business a battery back-up is installed with all systems which will hold the system for period of time until power is restored.

Kodiak provides free battery replacements for all monitored customers. Simply bring in your old battery to our office and we will give you a new one.

What is my warranty with a Kodiak Security System?

Kodiak Security provides a full Lifetime Warranty for all monitored customers. There is no charge for labour or replacement parts and equipment related to the warranty. We will also provide you with a free 12V battery replacement on all systems when required (pick up only). We take pride in installing, servicing and monitoring the equipment ourselves so you do not need to worry about protecting your home.

All Kodiak technicians are company employed and extensively trained in the most recent security technologies.

Do I own the equipment?

Yes. Unlike other security companies, Kodiak Security does not rent you the security equipment. It is yours and can be used as a valued selling feature when selling your home.

Can I activate the alarm while inside the home alone?

Yes. We recommend that you not only use the system while you are away from your home but also use it while in your home. Our technicians will show you step by step on how to set your alarm on a ‘stay’ function. Once activating the ‘stay’ all motion detectors are off so you can move freely throughout your home. Your family can rest assured that no one is entering your home. This is specifically comforting while you sleep.

Will my pets set off the alarm?

No. We can offer our clients a pet proof motion detector. Your pets can be left in the home while the alarm is activated without setting off the alarm.

I currently have another alarm company’s system. How can I update my system with Kodiak Security?

Just give us a call!

We can provide any upgrades required to your system. We also will provide you with 3 free months of monitoring for transferring to Kodiak Security.

We are confident that you will prefer our service.

What is our Standard Emergency Response Protocol

The STANDARD EMERGENCY RESPONSE PROTOCOL is a guideline of the standard procedures followed by Kodiak Security during an alarm situation. Standard Emergency Response Protocol

Do I have to sign a contract with Kodiak?

Yes.  A standard contract is for 36 months and reads as follows;

  1. RENEWAL – This contract shall automatically renew itself for a period of one (1) year and from year to year thereafter.
  2. TAXES – Subscriber agrees to pay all taxes.
  3. DISCONNECT – In the event of any breach of this contract, or upon failure of the subscriber to pay any sum when due, this contractor shall have the right to disconnect and retrieve the security equipment.
  4. AGREEMENT – The parties agree that this alarm monitoring contract constitutes the complete and entire agreement of the parties hereto, and no verbal understandings or agreement shall alter, change or modify the terms and provision of this contract.
  5. CONTRACT TERMINATION – Should the contract require termination; Kodiak Security requires a written notice thirty (30) days prior to the date of termination. A minimum of no less than 1-year monitoring must be paid in full.  Equipment may be retrieved with early termination.
  6. CONTRACT – This contract shall be signed and returned to Kodiak Security System Inc. within thirty (30) days, or the contract shall be deemed valid.
  7. CUSTOMER’S RESPONSIBILITY – The customer is responsible for testing the system regularly and reporting concerns to the Kodiak Security Office. Clients are also responsible for providing Kodiak Security with updated contact information including Contact Lists. All battery replacements are the client’s responsibility. Kodiak will provide a free 12V panel battery replacement for pick-up.
  8. PROTOCOL – This customer has read and understood the Kodiak Security Standard Emergency Response protocol. Special protocol instructions can be submitted in writing by the customer.
  9. COMMUNICATION – Kodiak will not receive alarm signals when the communication mode is not operating, interfered with, damaged, or if the alarm system is unable to acquire, transmit or maintain an alarm signal over the communication mode for any reason.