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Protection Services Offered


Home Invasion / Security Systems
Annually, over 1 million Canadian’s fall victim to a property crime. We will provide you with a complete security solution that will protect your family or business from unwanted intruders. The system will be monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Uplink is an additional piece of equipment added to your security system providing a substitute or back-up for your landline alarm communication. UPLINK is a 4G cellular alarm communicator with a secure, reliable connection that transmits alarms signals instantly allowing for superior protection. No telephone line is required.


Smoke and Fire
Ensure your safety by a monitored smoke detector. If a fire is detected a fire and rescue crew will be immediately dispatched to protect your home or business.


Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
CO poisoning causes 300 deaths annually in North America. CO is odorless, colourless and basically undetectable by humans. The sensors will detect when an unsafe level of CO is present in your home and our monitoring station will contact you immediately.


Flood / Water Damage
Sensors can be installed in basements, laundry rooms, kitchens or other areas where water damage may cause a concern. An alarm will sound if unwanted water leakage is detected. Detectors are recommended for any homes with a sump pump to prevent potential damage.


Elderly Alert / Medical Emergencies
Not only do we protect your home, we protect you while you are in your home. If you experience a medical emergency, just push a button to be connected to our monitoring station that will in turn dispatch the appropriate response team. These systems are ideal for seniors wanting to stay in their own homes. Ask us about a free system for your senior parents.


Extreme Temperatures Monitors
This system will alert you if abnormal temperatures are detected in the home or business before any damage results from overheating or freezing.


Video Surveillance
Cameras systems can be installed to assist in monitoring the actions on and around your premises.


Card Access Systems
Card Access Systems for the ultimate in security access control. However, for a simple access system try our video doorbell.

** Keep in mind – Home insurance costs often decrease with any of these monitored services.


Kodiak Security installs only the best products from the leading manufactures in electronic security. Our main supplier of security equipment include: