Kodiak Packages Pricing

*Prices based on 36 month term. Certain restrictions may Apply
Package Information Standard Premium
Security Panel 1 1
Digital Keypad 1 1
Basement Window Contacts   All*
Motion Detector 1 2
Door Contacts 2 All*
Power Supply / Back Up Battery
Interior Siren
Yard Signs/Window Decals
Insurance Certificate
Demo / Set Up
Monthly Monitoring $45.00 $22.50
Monitored Smoke Detector Free Free
Price $0* $299*

Kodiak will install a FREE monitored smoke detector with the purchase of a new system.

Hundreds of people die in residential fires in Canada every year, which is why rapid response time is crucial.

A Kodiak Smoke Detector can play a critical role in helping save lives. When an alarm sounds in your home, our monitoring centre is immediately notified. An operator will notify you and the fire department dispatching emergency crews if necessary. You do not need to be home for the emergency crews to be dispatched, avoiding significant damage and loss.

Our Kodiak Smoke Detectors are hardwired eliminating the worry and nuisance of having to remember to replace the batteries.

Having a monitored smoke detector can also lower your insurance premium (depending on your insurance provider). Kodiak will supply you with a Verification Certificate at no charge.

There is NO additional monthly fee for monitoring the Kodiak Smoke Detector. The fee is included in your monthly alarm monitoring fee.

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The Touch Screen Package is $399 and is the same as the premium package except for the updated keypad.

To get detailed information from paradox on the TM40 (click the TM40 link) toucscreen model with the built in indoor temperature sensor

Note see PERS (Personal Emergency Response System) section of page for a 2-way audio system with up to 600 ft range.

*Certain restrictions may apply.