Personal Emergency Response (PERS)

  • Small
    LifeSentry is the world's smallest 2-way voice speakerphone pendant communicator. It offers crystal clear 2-way voice to your central station.
  • Best Range in the industry
    LifeSentry offers the BEST RANGE in the industry: With a standard personal emergency response system, the end user is limited by the location of the base station because they have to be within "range" to hear the central station talking to them. If they are too far away, they cannot hear, or more importantly, explain what the emergency is! LifeSentry will allow the customer to communicate their message instantly and efficiently up to 600 feet away from their base station. The system should cover an average American home and well into the front, back and side yards.
  • Central Station
    Clear full duplex voice communication is automatic. Unlimited talk time.
  • Water Resistant
    The pendant allows you to summon help even if you are in the bath or shower.
  • Voice Prompted System
    Provides announcements during set-up, testing, battery test and full system check
  • Pendant Battery
    Lithium-ion battery provides over 4 hours of talk time on a full charge, and up to 4 months on stand-by. Two such rechargeable batteries are included. One charges in the base station charger, while the other is in the pendant. Simply swap the batteries around every few months.
  • System has Standby Emergency Battery Power
    4 NiMh rechargable batteries continually charge in the base station so as to be able to provide up to 24 hours of standby power in the event of a power failure in your home
  • Pendant can be Carried in 3 Methods
    Included with each system is a Lanyard, a Wrist/Wheelchair Strap holder and a Belt Clip.
  • Fully Supervised System
    The pendant checks in with the base station every 13 hours to confirm its battery status and that it is functioning. In the event of power loss, a very low battery or loss of RF signal- the base will relay the information to the central station.
  • Line-Seizure
    Built-in relay allows system to seize the line during the emergency.
  • Multiple Devices
    Up to a total of 4 pendants & Emergency Wall Communicators can be associated to a single base station.

How much?

Equipment and Installation and Activation Fee $150.00 (includes deposit)
Monthly Monitoring $29.95 + taxes
Deposit Refund – upon return of equipment $75.00

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LifeSentry Information Sheet of the Product

FAQ - How to use the system

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